Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December is for Doctors not Christmas

I started December with a routine Ct Scan.  It is a yearly thing that I must do to check the kidney since the cancer surgery. 6 Dec drink that crap.  Yep they are trying to poison me.  7 Dec. Ct scan, the tech was great and it was over in a flash.  Your report will be done Thursday or Friday.  Okay no big deal right?  Just routine.
8 Dec first thing in the morning my phone rings. When your primary care person says don't panic or stress out. Well the first thing that comes to my mind is to do BOTH and really quick!  They found a mass. Now knowing I have been coughing for weeks figured it was lung.  Nope it was kidney. Same kidney infact that you only have part of.  When you go to the urologist let me know what they say.  Nice that I had already planned an appointment for the next week.  Not like my NP was going to find one for me.
In my usual calm manner I freaked the heck out.  Waited 2 hours and called husband and freaked out more. He came right home and we went running to get films, reports. blood work paperwork etc.  I called the urology people that I had made that next week appt with and they got me in the next day.
Walking into the urology office the nurse promptly says oh did you ever have one of those days where you just smile all day because you would rather cry?  REALLY? WTF do you think I am here for?  Then she takes ye old blood pressure and tells me I need to calm down.  NO you need to get me a doctor and when you tell me this mass is nothing I will calm down.
After looking at two sets of ct scans the dr "thinks" it is a cyst. But we need to look into it more. Call and make an appointment when you get all the records. 
Oh yeah that took two calls,  the records were faxed that afternoon.  I waited 1.5 weeks for the cd and report of the MRI.
That afternoon I went to see the cardiologist.  Lets say the bp was high still.  Not quite as bad there. The doctor was a douche bag,  he was the true meaning of a person who thinks he is better than you.  We did not hit it off.
Shots in both knees at knee doctor.
Stress test and echocardiogram scheduled for the next week. Two different days of course and then the results later next week.   So the guy who did the chemical stress test was way adhd.  said yes sir yes sir yes sir after everything that was said.  I am gonna hook you up to this yes sir yes sir yes sir.   hummm ocd much?  Then I was getting upset I had checked earlier that morning and I was female there and this guy is calling me sir?  Was it the dye? Was it the fact my bp was 170/100?   Yes it went down after I survived that test.  OMG the want to puke is amazing.  Next time I will crawl on the tredmil if I have to.
Of course I had went to the cardio people because I was having chest wall pain(outside) and my family history sucks.   So I go the next day to the echocardiogram guy and he pushed on my chest wall for 30 min.  yeppers it feels good and it is even more fun when you hear him clicking like a mad man and ask what he is measuring?  Oh you have a leak.  Well let me tell you at that point I about had a bladder leak too!  He goes onto say why is your bp so high.  Well if you ever said anything good to me when I come in here it would maybe be lower?
So at this point I have managed to be at the doctors 9 days sometimes two appts a day.
Friday time to make the cookies. 
Monday back to the doctors,  this was my regular np to try to update her on stuff but oh no we can't do that because the computers are down.  Cool start writing.
I have had this cough now 4 weeks it gets horrible.  She says well I think you need to go get your vocal cords checked.  NO!  I am not going to one more doctor at this point. I need to take care of these two doctors before I add anything to the mix.  She says not to let it go over 6 weeks.  yes ma'am yes ma'am three bags full.
So friday the mri cd came.  waiting at the house for ups for a week and they deliver to the mail box at the road.  Thank you ups no honk no call.  Yep my number was on the front of the package in big font!
Van stuck in mud.  sat van pulled from mud.  Car gets flat.
So monday morning right after the doctors appt I call the urologist for an appt.  Weds 3:15.  wow I am thinking I can get this all done. car flat only took just under 2 hours to repair.
Tuesday morning I am eating breakfast,  I have cardiologist this afternoon in the freezing rain. Same stuff we have been dealing with for the past week, lovely weather.  Close everything except my doctors office.  The phone rings and urologist wants to cancel my appointment for tomorrow (weds)  NO!  We don't have all the records.   I have the mri in my purse just like I explained yesterday on the phone and David had the TX reports faxed same day a week ago.
So today I go to the cardiologist,  then tomorrow I go to the urologist.  I am sure by time this is all over I can check into the insaneologist.