Saturday, October 30, 2010

Repair people

Thursday was the most expensive day I have had in a long time and did not even leave the house.

I called a repair person I wont say what house system needed help, I have some odd conscience about hurting this persons feelings. I am sure there are thousands just like him.
The repair person called me back and said he would be out in the afternoon. I kept hearing some noise in the phone. I assumed it was a kid, daughter thought it was a dog. If you knew our friends dog Shatzy you would understand why she said it was a dog.

Repair man shows up on schedule, hello and let me show you to the basement. So walking around the house I hear WOOHOO! Now of course I think I must be looking good today. Then I quickly found out this person has tourettes syndrome. OMG could someone have warned me before it broke my heart to know it was not my nice butt? Anyway. This person could carry on a conversation then a woohoo would pop out at a decibel that was deafening. His tongue would make Gene Simmons Jealous and it would dart to the side his eyes rolled up in his head and his head would cock sideways. So this went on for a while. about 2 hours to be exact. The most fun part of this was that he turned to me while trying to figure out what was wrong and said what do you think? Think? Your kidding? Nope he was not. I think your the repair man and I think if you don't know I am scared! I promptly went outside and got a rope and put it around my neck, heck its near Halloween let me hang.

As the repair went on and I apparently became the assistant, he handed me things to clean them out. Okay I am pretty handy but how do you expect me to clean them out?

Then I was told to call ++++ and ask her how much the part would cost? ME? Let me call and you can talk?!. Nope I asked ++++ and found out the cost of said parts. We got the thing fixed. Yes I said WE because I had become the workers helper, so I can say WE.

I did love the math as apparently they went to school in my home town with the same math teachers I had and their math sucked! Saved me a couple hundred dollars.

As soon as this system started working I said woohoo. Oh crap did I just offend this man? It was totally not my intention at all. I was just excited to have this system working correctly for once.

Tip for workers,  just let me know you have something like tourettes so I wont get my hopes up when your walking behind me screaming WOOHOO!  I can handle the tourettes I can not however handle the heart break to find out your not woohooing my nice butt.

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