Thursday, January 27, 2011

How stupid can one get?

So a friends almost 19 year old sons email sends out the spam that we have all been getting.  You know the one for viagra, cialis etc.   The mother who gets the email writes the following to the father 5000 miles away.

maybe I'm reading too much into this... Cody sent this to me and I'm quite sure by accident. Notice the link address has nothing to do with what really comes up so its a cover.

He needs to get away from that damn place. Please talk to him, not scold him. This is the kind of shit that will take Cody away from us.

Get into his head about drugs and sex. He's too immature for this stuff and it worries me.

Okay we all know at this point the mother is an idiot and we have to pull the stupid card out on her.  The following is the response to the mothers email from the father.

OMG!!! I found his stockpile of Viagra!!! He took a couple and has been walking around with a boner for a week! They sent him home from work Sunday because a 70 year old lady was offended when he tried to slip by her and rubbed his junk accross her back. I dont know what to do. Some of the addresses he sent it to are his teachers!! A couple are women, but one is a guy!!! What can it mean???

Or, it could be junk e-mail that reads your address book and spams everyone in it.... Just a thought.

So how are you doin'?


I share this with you all so that you will know what to do when you get one of these emails in your inbox.  Please do not do what Wen did and panic, run screaming in the streets and send your x an email freaking out.  Or you will look like more of an idiot than you already are.

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