Thursday, January 27, 2011

bill paying

Okay I know this is hard to believe but my dog ate the bills. Yep the whole stack of them.
I called the hospital that I owe $25.00. Left a message and they called me back today.  It went like this.
This is the hospital you said you wanted to pay a bill?
what is the date of the billing?
I don't know my dog ate the bills.
what is the account number?
account number?
Yes ma'am I need your account number.
Please let me go back and state again that my dog ate the bills.
oh ok what kind of dogs do you have?
what kind of dogs do I have?
okay shepherd rotties.
oh those are big dogs
humm yeah. So can I pay my bill
oh yes please give me your account number.
My account number?
My daughter then screams well it is laying right in front of you mom just give it to her.
the woman says I can wait for you to read it to me.
I say well it is sitting right in front of me. but in my dogs intestine someplace. So reading it will be hard to do.
oh I guess it will be.  so what is your name,  blaaaa blaaa. your address blaaa blaaa.  your date of birth bla bla bla.  How much do you owe?  I believe it is 25 dollars not the 20 grand one.  Oh ok the lady says,  I will be happy to take your payment, what is your account number?
At this point my eyes have rolled back in my head and my daughter is cracking up. 
Once again my dog ate the bills. I can not read them, I do not have x ray vision.  Can you take a payment or not. 
Oh sure what is your credit card number.   

I really wanted to say the dog ate it too.

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