Monday, August 16, 2010

Admitting my own insanity

We live in the country, way out in the country.  So on the weekends I take husbands daily driver to town to save on gas. GREAT MPG!
So this weekend I ran into town early and was trying to reset the oil indicator on the way.  No Oprah I don't need to take the no text pledge I need to take the do not push the cars buttons while driving pledge.
We have a little town that is a huge speed trap. Always a cop waiting to have a chat and give you a letter of recommendation to the judge. I passed through there okay.
Soon I looked down and I was going 91.  oh yeah, I was just saying wow this car handles nice. Remember I never drive it.   OH CRAP 91,  slam on brakes. 59 feels like the car is not moving,  oh no did I break it already and it has been like 4 miles from the house.  Then down to 45 and it feels like it is standing still.  
Then the idiot light comes on in my head.  I have pushed enough buttons it was set to metric!  
Okay I said wow I am glad that I was not on the end of one of those nice letters allowing me to go to the judge and pay money.
So today Monday we were in husbands car coming from dinner. I told the story and I thought husband was going to crash the car laughing so hard......

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