Thursday, August 19, 2010

Our new foals wrote this letter back to the rescue today.

Dear family. We are fine, we like our new home. We have one BIG brother his name is Leroy. Our new mom caught him stealing our hay, we did not mind sharing but he got in trouble and mom and dad moved the white fence. The one that zaps your butt if you back into it being stubborn.

Yesterday we learned to pick up our feet, not sure why this was a good thing. Milagro thinks they are trying to teach us ballet too. Well Jasmine was being a brat and the new sister Mary told her to quit acting like a mare. She thought that meant she was gonna run the whole town but I explained that it meant she was a girl not a mayor. She is not very good at spelling words.

The big parents put more tape on my bandage last night, it is staying on well they said.

We like the fans, the dad turned them down they were so fast we were gonna take flight. The big brother likes to stay in his room next to our bedroom and talk to us but the new sister Mary kicks him out and then she gets on his back and rides him. She says our day is coming in a few years.

The parents hooked ropes to our chins last night and they said we did really good at walking around. They asked us if we wanted to go outside and walk but we said no. So we walked around our bedroom. After our walk we took a nap. They said we are getting very good at napping.

We like the food, they give us two kinds of water here, one is regular water and the other has electrolytes in it. Okay if you look back up this letter that white fence is electric. we were not going to drink water that would zap us but the sister girl explained we need it if we are sweating a lot. So we drank some and it did not zap us.

Now we are waiting for the farrier. Now this was a huge thing. Jasmine thought it was a fairy like the tooth fairy. I knew it was a gay person. Then the girl said no it is not a tooth fairy and it is not a gay person. Wow we have a lot to learn here. She told us that a farrier is a person who trims our toe nails. They said he is a very nice man and he wont give us a shot either. They tell us that is the reason we had to learn to pick up our feet, not ballet. he was suppose to come but Mary had school so now they need to make another day. We were worried about having to go to school too. But they said we wont have to go to school like mary does.

We have lots of family too, our grandma is going to come visit in a couple weeks. Our new mom says the grandma wont ever come to the barn, I think we have to go in the house to visit her. The little kids called, the mom calls them the grands. Jasmine says she wants to move before that little girl comes, she is going to teach us to read! and Karate, I think that is another one of those on one foot things like ballet.

Well we better go now, it is time for our nap, our new family says we nap the best! love Milagro and Jasmine

Hoofdate 8/21/10
Okay I am sure the mom told you that the farrier came to give us pretty hooves. I was good, Milagro was bad, No I wasn't! yes you were yes you were!

This morning there was a storm and Jasmine got all scared, no it was you not me! Okay maybe both of us did. But the dad and the girl came running to the barn to check on us. Good thing because we broke our water bucket and the dad had to go to the garage for another one. We still had that electric water in the other bucket but we like the regular water best unless it is really hot.

After the family went to church they came out to play with us. Dad and the girl came first the mom was making rice for the dogs. I think they are chinese dogs, they are always eating rice.

When the mom came out she petted us and then we had to put on those rope things and do the merry go round in our bedroom again. I am getting really good at backing up, so am I! He always thinks he gets to talk first. No I don't! Yes you do yes you do!

The parents opened the door to our bedroom and we did not want to go out. The big horse got to stay in his bedroom so why can't we? Jasmine did something bad hahahahaha. No I didn't! uh huh you did! No I didn't!

We did not want to go outside the bedroom with the parents so the girl brought her friend Leroy in the alley to tell us it was okay, So I went out first because girls are always more bravest than boys! uh uh you went out because you were nosey and girls are always more nosey!

Oh my that big horse was in a horrible accident. She lost all her teats but one! hahahahhahahaha Jasmine tried to get milk off the big horse hahahahaha she did not know it was a boy horse hahahaha. The boy horse was very nice and did not kick her but if she tries that with me I am gonna go kung fu on her!

Okay quit teasing me I am just little. But you were a fraidy cat and would not go out of the bedroom with the mom and I went first with the dad because I am not scared. Boys are chickens!

But I went too she just pushed me and I was trying to be a gentleman and let her go out first.

We went outside with the big horse and HE is HUGE! He is like a giant! The mom says she is going to send you the picture when we are done writing this email. Good Night Jasmine and Milagro

Dear family, Thank you so much for the shotter things. It was a little hard without thumbs to give them but we worked together and got it done. Mom, Dad and Mary came to the barn with them and said they were going to wrap Milagros belly again, we jumped them and gave them each a shot. Dad was easy he went right to sleep. Mary was pretty easy too. Mom fought a little but as soon as she was asleep we tee peed the barn with those bandages. We are sure they will wake up in time for feeding. love Milagro and Jasmine.

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