Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tip O'the day.

When dealing with the new advisor at the college. She will be stupid and you will hear Charlie Browns mom talking after she steps over the line on the first question.

College books cost more than college.

Even if you have turned the fence off make sure no one has turned it back on before you climb through it. Hitting two hot fence wires will result in extreme back and groin pain.....balls in throat.

Learn to count change.  Today I gave the woman at the window 5 one dollar bills and 3 quarters.  My bill was 5.59  she gave me back a quarter.  Please learn to count change and to be able to break a whole quarter. A quarter is 25 cents. So you need to give me a penny a dime and a nickle.  Or a brown one, a little silver one and a medium silver one with no rough edges.  This was not a young kid either. I would say college age. I bet she is going to college to be a math teacher.

To the carnie that was screaming at my daughter this weekend. She was properly dressed, completely covered wearing jeans and boots. You yelling work it and many other things. First your lucky the only thing she did was flip you off. Second your lucky she did not work the blade in her pocket on your vocal cords or your balls. She gets confused on human anatomy sometimes. Your also so very lucky that she waited to tell us about you yelling at her until we left the fair. Or you would have been working your head out of your ass, because I would have nailed it there along with your balls. Have a nice day!

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