Friday, August 20, 2010

It really has to be a KY thing, state not the jelly.

Tonight while buying wormer for the horses, that would be EQUINE WORMER, the genuis cashier grown woman says oh I have horses too.  Do you have horses? Yes.  What are you going to use this on? cows, goats or what?  MY KIDS I respond,  She says OH I have never heard of it used on kids before. This has to be one of those shows that tape stupid crap where Howie Mandel pops out right?  Nope she was serious.  I paid and walked out.

This brings me back to the time at Walmart, I ran into get bacon, just one lb of bacon and hubby ran in with me.  I put the bacon on the belt and the kid cashier says Oh we makin bacon today?  My husband just turned and walked away, he knew something was going to come ouf ot my mouth.  I said nope not having sex today we have company paid and walked out.    Why do people say this stuff to me?

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